Fight The Plank - Between the Towers 

Share Heart-Pounding VR Heights Over a Real German City! Stand on the virtual plank suspended between the two towers of a cathedral, and behold the stunning panoramic views of the city below on a beautiful sunny day! Balance on the Edge at a Cathedral’s Towers, Inspire Friends, and #FightThePlank Together. Join the Thrill! Experience the Thrill, Share the Adventure: Conquer Heights in VR and Amaze Your Friends!
Prepare to embark on a jaw-dropping journey with #FightThePlank where in just 2 seconds, you'll experience something utterly incredible. It's a ride like no other, where your body reacts in ways you'd never expect. It may sound unbelievable, but it's true.
It is not just another VR app; it's a revelation that takes you to unimaginable heights. Suspended between the towering spires of a majestic cathedral in a real-existing German cityscape, you'll confront your fear of heights like never before. This app offers a truly unique challenge, setting it apart from the rest.
What truly sets #FightThePlank apart is its power to bring people together. It's more than a personal journey; it's a shared adventure that sparks wonder and curiosity in others. It's not just a game; it's an experience meant to be enjoyed with friends and acquaintances. Perfect for social gatherings and events, #FightThePlank ignites interest and encourages group participation. Challenge yourself, prove your bravery, and relish the 'God Eye View' from the cathedral's pinnacle with breathtaking panoramic vistas.

The social dynamics of #FightThePlank are undeniable. Users are not only eager to share their adventures but also motivated to introduce others to this thrilling experience.
Share the joy with your friends and show their reactions. Capture these moments on film and spread the excitement on social media using #FightThePlank. It's not just an idea; it's a reality waiting to be explored!"

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Vertigo Heights - Between the Towers

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